Dee Fretwell

Dee Fretwell

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Business Coaching and Organizational Strategies

Don't let the minutiae of business operations and development stall your progress and growth potential! From startup basics to exponential growth, let me help with creating a plan to reach your goals!

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A self-described serial participator and business organizer, Dee Fretwell can't stop, won't stop. Driven by the desire to leave a powerfully positive change on the world, Dee works with organizations empowering shift through accelerating business systemization and a more creative understanding of business philosophy. Dee is backed with an MBA plus 20 years of Operations expertise as well as 15+ years nonprofit development.

Here are some of the things Dee can teach you

  • Business Coaching and Organizational Strategies
  • Branding
  • Market Research and Development
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Financials Development
  • Marketing Plan Development
  • Business Plan Development

Ratings and Reviews

"Dee is absolutely wonderful"

Dee felt like a good friend from the start: very encouraging, warm, supportive, interested, with a great sense of humor, professional and able to guide my hectic thoughts towards clarifying my path, realizing the long term goals, and coming up with a short term plan. THANK YOU!
- Paulina F.
- Los Angeles , CA

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