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In much the same way that Uber and Lyft connect you to drivers, or TaskRabbit and Thumbtack connect you to service providers, WeKnow connects you to the experts around you... real people who have the experience and skills to teach you just about anything... fast!

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01. The Problem

A Good Expert Is

Hard To Find

  • People need a better and faster way to learn new skills and get help.

  • Companies need a better way to educate and support their customers in the use of their amazing products.

software Challenges


Steep learning curve.
So many features.

Starting a Business

Starting a Business

So many questions.
Where are the mentors?

Drone Crash

New Toys

Hard to start.
Easy to finish.

Camera Trouble


F-Stop what?
Aperture Priority Mode huh?

02. Our Solution

Experts Are Everywhere

WeKnow leverages the power of the gig economy to create a Community of Experts. Millions of people have skills, knowledge and passions they'd like to share.

There's a vast, untapped wellspring of expertise out there. Let us show you.

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Live online Micro-Mentoring

When Angela bought the new Adobe Illustrator, she needed a little bit of one-on-one time with a real pro to get her up and running.

One hour with a WeKnow Pro put her miles ahead of her friend who was trying to learn everything from online videos.

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A Local Expert Near You!

Joe bought a new drone. He's watched enough crash videos online to know he needed help on his first day.

Lucky for Joe, his drone came with a free one hour WeKnow Pros session.

No crashes for Joe!

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Get the most from your gear

When Traci finally bought the Canon she'd always wanted, she suddenly realized how much she didn't know about cameras!

F-Stop? ISO? Focal Length?
Aperture Priority Mode?

Two hours with a Certified WeKnow Pro and she was ready to shoot manual mode!

Case Study: Paulina

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