For anyone who wants to learn something new, improve upon a skill, or even get live help on-demand, WeKNOW connects people directly to the experts around them.

Unlike pre-recorded videos and online lesson packages, WeKNOW connects real people for live Micro-Mentoring sessions that save you tons of time and get you exactly what you need.

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Everyone Wants

A Better Life

We all want home improvements, better work skills, more power from our tools, less time being frustrated with software.

We all want that feeling that comes from knowing we can

Learning a new skill can change your life forever.

01. The Problem

A Good Expert Is

Hard To Find

  • People need a better and faster way to learn new skills and get help.

  • Companies need a better way to educate and support their customers in the use of their amazing products.

software Challenges


Steep learning curve.
So many features.

Starting a Business

Starting a Business

So many questions.
Where are the mentors?

Drone Crash

New Toys

Hard to start.
Easy to finish.

Camera Trouble


F-Stop what?
Aperture Priority Mode huh?

02. Our Solution

Experts Are Everywhere

WeKNOW leverages the power of the gig economy to create a Community of Experts. Millions of people have skills, knowledge and passions they'd like to share.

There's a vast, untapped wellspring of expertise out there. Let us show you.

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Live online Micro-Mentoring

When Angela bought the new Adobe Illustrator, she needed a little bit of one-on-one time with a real pro to get her up and running.

One hour with a WeKNOW Pro put her miles ahead of her friend who was trying to learn everything from online videos.

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A Local Expert Near You!

Joe bought a new drone. He's watched enough crash videos online to know he needed help on his first day.

Lucky for Joe, his drone came with a free one hour WeKNOW Pros session.

No crashes for Joe!

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Get the most from your gear

When Traci finally bought the Canon she'd always wanted, she suddenly realized how much she didn't know about cameras!

F-Stop? ISO? Focal Length?
Aperture Priority Mode?

Two hours with a Certified WeKNOW Pro and she was ready to shoot manual mode!

03. Our Go-To-Market


Companies like Canon, Dji, Spitfire Audio, Adobe, Tesla and Native Instruments make incredibly powerful products that can be difficult to learn and nearly impossible to master on your own.

Retailers such as Guitar Center, Sami's Camera, B&H and Home Depot sell thousands of these kinds of products every day


By focusing our efforts on the companies that make and sell the kinds of powerful yet complex products WeKNOW is so perfectly suited for, we dramatically lower our CPA while offering a huge value to companies large and small.

Timeline and FAQ


  • 02/18


    1st MVP Built
  • 03/18


    Zoom begins supplying video
    Team expands to 6
  • 04/18


    Beta Testing Begins
    1st Remote Session - Business
    1st In-Person Session - Woodworking
  • 08/18


    Company rebranded to WeKNOW
    WeKNOW, Inc. established
    Continued Beta Testing
  • 09/18


    Initial $13k Raised
    towards $130k F&F Round Goal
  • 11/18


    Accelerating Beta Testing
  • 12/18


    Backend Platform Development
  • 02/19


    ~ $2m Seed Round Begins (2+ yr runway)
  • 04/19


    Platform Launch
    WeKNOW Pros program push
    Expansion into several targeted verticals
  • 01/20


    Accelerated Expansion and Growth


Experts are everywhere. And that’s not just our tagline… it’s the truth. Think about how many people you know who are highly skilled at something that isn’t their career. Think about how many people you know who would love to make a little extra money teaching others. So, how do we find them? One way is WeKNOW Pros. Companies that make powerful yet complex products such as software, drones, electric cars etc need to educate and support their customers in the use of their products. As WeKNOW Pros provides the platform for this, companies provide the connection to their user base, providing both Experts and Learners.
In addition to expansion through WeKNOW Pros, we will also draw on solid market research and execute through grassroots and guerilla marketing strategies. Our overall growth is built upon an in-depth marketing strategy which will rely on solid data to identify personas and topics with the greatest demand. Some verticals, such as business mentoring, software help, or starting an Etsy store, lend themselves well to remote sessions via live video. These can grow globally very quickly. Verticals such as drone piloting, photography or woodworking, which are best done in-person, will grow market to market.
Nothing is faster and more effective than live learning. Sites like Masterclass and Lynda offer pre-made courses and videos that can’t offer the kind of interactivity you get from live learning. Lessons-based sites focus on things like dance, music and language… large subjects that take years to master. Because WeKNOW covers nearly any skill or knowledge set, we differentiate not only in our scope, but also in our primary initial focus… WeKNOW Pros. By offering brands a whole new way of educating and supporting their customers through their own community of customers, WeKNOW is solving a problem for consumers and businesses alike.
The WeKNOW platform is designed to keep people in the system because it simplifies and enables so many things for these interactions for people. Communications between Mentor and Learner, session prep, scheduling, payments, follow-up etc.

The Team

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Russell Spurlock

Founder / Ringleader Creative, Coder, Designer, Musician, Composer, Pilot

WeKNOW sprung forth from Russell’s personal experiences navigating the complexities of software and business in a world where mentors are hard to find.

Russell spent much of his 20’s building a freelance web design and coding business. Having transitioned into the music business in his 30’s, Russell recognized a business opportunity while composing the music for the Emmy Winning Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution on ABC. Over the next few years, Russell built a successful production music house, wrangling more than 30 composers to fulfill the needs of TV shows in the Reality TV, Game Shows, Film and Advertising.
Russell sees a problem, imagines a solution, and builds a team to make it happen.

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Robbie R

Business Management, Strategic Marketing, Film, Video, Audio Production, Web Dev, Dive Master

Robbie gets things done. Robbie is strategic marketing specialist who is a producer, filmmaker and audio technician with over 20 years’ experience shooting movies, concerts and documentaries around the globe.

Bubbling with energy and enthusiasm, Robbie is our Creative Producer. Whether it’s building out a content schedule, analyzing data for our next purchase or producing our next pre-roll, he’s the glue that makes our projects come together.

Robbie has an uncanny ability to see the big picture while managing the tiniest of details. He assembles the perfect team, equipment and support personnel for each job. If you’re ever visiting us and you see a blur go by, that’s Robbie. The dude moves fast.

Ben Cohee

Ben Cohee

Chief Of Engineering
Full Stack Application Engineer - Design, Develop, Deploy, Monitor and Maintain

A lifetime of technologies experience, specializing in highly available distributed systems. 5 year start in the Telecommunications industry followed by a 15+ year career in the Video Games industry.

Dirk Epperson

Database Architect Database Design and Optimization, Model Driven Architecture, Protocol Adaptation

Software Executive with extensive experience in architectural design and excelling in solutions for the most demanding computer systems problems. Particular ability to understand deeply technical issues and present them in an understandable light to non-technical executives.

Developed the core ticketing software which tickets all of Major League Baseball, most of the West End Theaters in London, and many symphonies and theater companies around the world.

Master’s, Yale University (1974 – Engineering)
Bachelor’s, Harvey Mudd College (1971 - Physics)

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Robert Staley

Photographer, Producer, Client Relations, Surfer

For the last 20 years a Photographer and Producer, using creativity to solve problems. Robby has lead teams across America and around the world creating images for leading lifestyle brands. Along with using his eye to blend life and style leading cohesive teams from location to location, solving the maze of production, and staying on budget has lead Robby to the team at WeKNOW. Robby’s broad experience includes live event photography, editorial, advertising and portrait work. Finding the best people for the job is a key ingredient of a successful collaboration. As we engaging the proteges and find the experts that are everywhere, Robby will be part of a team of experts connecting the right people for the right learning experience.

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Dee Fretwell

MBA :: Instructor, Southern Oregon University

An avid ‘do-er’ at heart, Dee Fretwell has spent over 20 years working alongside entrepreneurs tightening up operational goals, financial milestones and product development in many different industries and categories. Dee's business approach blends a straight-shooting communication style with a casual format that ultimately leads to a fun and efficient experience.

Systematization and efficiencies are at the top of Fretwell’s list of must-haves in any business and they are also some of her favorite activities to do when working with companies who strive for bigger and better futures.

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Peter Wong

VP of Special Projects Fabrication, Medical Assay Development, Scientific Assay Development in Genetics and Protein Chemistry, Artist, Video Editing

Peter is one of those guys. Where did he find the time to master this many different areas of expertise?
B.S. BioChemistry, B.A. Religious Studies, University of California at Riverside
5 years experience in Scientific Research
7 years experience in Capitol Equipment and Technical Sales and Business Development 3 Years experience prop fabrication
Successful Trading company of tangible goods
Designed and fabricated scientific props for science based TV shows (Hacking the Wild, Labrakazam)


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San Rahi

Head of Strategic Development :: Sid Lee

Mentor and adviser, dedicated to nurturing creative talent: Director of Hatch, a non-profit dedicated to mentorship and social impact; lectured at Carnegie Mellon University Heinz College and SCI-Arc; member of Director’s Guild of America, and Television Academy.

Core Competencies:
  • Global marketing and holistic brand building
  • New product development and market shaping
  • Strategic planning and connecting dots
  • Inter-disciplinary team building and joint collaborations
  • Multi-national / multi-market business development
  • Forging organizational cultures and aligned partnerships
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Brandt Williams

Co-Founder Pando Institute

Co-Founder Pando Institute, entrepreneur, connector of dots and people. Brandt is a strategist and has a knack for transforming ideas into successful ventures. He is a member of the board of directors of Pando Populus.
As a serial entrepreneur, Brandt has served as founder/co-founder/CEO for early stage ventures and well as an intrapreneur and CMO for Fortune 500 companies. Brandt cares most about mentoring people and teams to find their true purpose.
Deeply invested in building a better future, Brandt strives to find new paths for creativity, sustainable livelihoods, and fulfillment.

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George Parrish

Executive Director-Entrepreneur Lab

George is a highly sought after startup guru and one of the main pillars of the Entrepreneur Lab.
As a current board member on Ten different Startups in the Bay Area, George is known for his ability to examine a business market as well as identify successful business opportunities for Startups.

Through his experience, he has built and sold several companies, and with his knowledge of startups across the tech industry, Fortune 500, 1000, SMB, B2C, and B2B he has changed the face of businesses and created successful futures for each of his clients.

Erika Rockenstein

Erica Rockenstein

Senior Marketing & Branding Professional

Erica Rockenstein is a marketing and branding professional with 11 years of experience in strategic planning, brand management and executing strategic digital initiatives. She began her career at an integrated, award-winning advertising agency in Colorado Springs in 2007 and successfully positioned her clients in on the top for customer satisfaction and proven behavior modification marketing campaigns. From there, she moved to Oklahoma City in 2015 to lead an account planning team for a multitude of clients. Her experience includes marketing in the utility, retail, telecommunications, sports, medical, gaming and hospitality industries.

Erica is heavily involved with the American Advertising Federation. As current District 12 Governor, she is responsible for guiding and advising clubs around the western region of the United States.